Seeking A Loving Home for Elgin

Elgin Collage.png

A Loving Home for Elgin

In July 2017, I left my status quo to follow a new path toward personal revival. This upheaval required sacrifices; one of the heartbreaks was realizing I needed to re-home my beloved dog, Elgin. Though I did not find an ideal permanent home for her, Elgin is staying in long-term foster home (near St. Louis, MO) with many other pets. Uncertain when I might be in a living situation that could allow me to take Elgin back, I continue to seek the right forever home for her. 

Elgin is a healthy and spry 10-year-old terrier mix. In the pictures, you'll see she has a shepherd kind of look, but she weighs only 25 pounds and is about knee-high to the average adult. (She is a bit fox-like in person!) Elgin is super-sweet, cuddly, and playful. When she meets new people, she is nervous, but once she warms up, she loves to be in a lap or play! She enjoys going for short walks, but is also happy with a yard to run around in. She loves to play her version of fetch, wherein she goes after what you throw, then prances around happily demonstrating that now she has it and you don’t! She loves to be chased, leap, and run.

Elgin has spent most of her life living with at least one cat, though when she meets other cats out on a walk, she wants to give chase, so joining a household with cats might take a little getting used to; in past she has proved herself up to the challenge! Elgin is currently living in a multi-dog foster home and although she would do best in a one-dog home, her foster mom tells me that she is getting along with male dogs reasonably well. Since this darling dog can be skittish, I tend to keep her away from the unpredictability of small children.

I know there is someone out there who will take as much true pleasure in Elgin’s companionship as I have, and who will love having her joyful energy in their life. Please contact me to if that might be you.