Still looking for Elgin's home

As an update to this post, Leo, my cat, is assimilating into a new home. Assuming he and the other pets who live there can make friends, he is in a very happy place!

I am still looking for a home for my darling Elgin. Here is some info about the why...

After my nearly three-year ovarian cancer treatment-recovery-follow-up (not so) merry-go-round, I’ll soon be departing St. Louis with plans to end up living near family in Portland, OR.

This July, I will enter a period of living in transition, traveling around the US to reconnect with family and open up mental and spiritual space to see what comes next.

I love my Elgin, a playful and loving 10-year-old terrier mix, but it has become clear that I need to find a new home for her. I want her to have the security, predictability, and love that she needs while I figure out what I need.

You can find more information about Elgin here:

My goal is to have Elgin settled into a new home by mid-July.

I will travel to take her to the best place.

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Peace and (ever) gratitude,