2014 October 31 - Test Results, Good News! (Lotsa Update)


These is so much more to say, but for now, there is this: I just got a call from the doctor's office. The nurse quoted from the doctor's notes: "Tell her the CT Scan looks perfect and the CA-125 is in normal range as well!!" The nurse said we still have to be vigilant, but this is a celebration. I see the doc on Tuesday for follow up and plans, but everything looks good!

I couldn't have gotten this far without you.



2014 August 26 - Chemo #4, A Comforting Arm (Lotsa Update)

Quick update. Made it through chemo infusion number 4 (of 6). The magnificent Sarah Whitt is here from Philly to be with me for the treatment and the coming week. Shawnessey also stopped into the infusion center for a little while so Sarah could get some lunch. (Just all kinds of bright energy bouncing around that chemo room!)

There was a little holdup yesterday when my doc's office saw my bloodwork from last Friday; my white blood cell count was too low for treatment. After some fancy maneuvering to get unexpected (the doc's office calls it "stat!") bloodwork drawn yesterday, we learned late last night that I had rebounded and treatment could go ahead on schedule. In other bloodwork news, my Ca-125 is down to 7.5. My doc is pleased with this and imagines it will stay here and not go lower.

Now, I'm home, extraordinarily tired, about to have a snack and go to sleep. I'll appreciate your prayers, thoughts, vibes, and other good stuff for the coming week.

Love and more love,


Ps - The great thing about being with a good friend is that if you're just too tired while waiting for the hospital valet to bring your car around, there is a caring shoulder on which to rest your head and a comforting arm that slips around your back. Xo

2014 August 5 - Chemo #3, Tender (Lotsa Update)

Hi dears,

Another quick update...

Chemo number three is behind me. Even with the tenderness of the new port, once I was connected, things went well. My Aunt Mia is here from Denver to spend the week taking care of me. (This is her second trip since I was diagnosed and she is fantastic.) I was asleep through most of my treatment, but, so far, these 6-8 hour sessions lend themselves well to deep conversation, which Mia and I shared.

Before the chemo, Shawnessey joined me to meet with Dr. Powell. We went over a few things including general questions about the why/ how of this cancer. I learned that, unbeknownst to me, endometriosis, can change into cancer. Endometriosis is so common and cancer from it so rare, that it's not often discussed. I wish it were. In good news, my Ca-125 (ovarian cancer marker) has dropped to 10 (from 2000 prior to surgery and treatment); that is a good sign.

Now, I embark on a week of chemo recovery and the beginning of healing for the new port. Probably some rough days ahead in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share the update with you while I could.

THANKS and love.


Sara 06587

2014 July 14 - Head Decor It Is (Lotsa Update)

Hey friends,

With my second chemo treatment coming up tomorrow, I want to check in and give you all an update on how things have been going.

First, some good news on the medical front: I got results today from the first test of my CA-125 (blood marker for ovarian cancer) level since before the surgery. Before surgery, my level was over 2,000 (35 is normal); now, my level is 25. The doctor said she's never seen such a drastic drop after only one treatment. Who knows what happens next, but not bad birthday news!

More generally, I'm still struggling a bit with healing from the chemo port I had implanted just before my first treatment. Over the last couple of weeks I've had time to do some recovering from the initial surgery and am feeling much more mobile. In the last week I've done more "normal" things than I've done in the previous five combined - things like going grocery shopping and having Sunday brunch at Local Harvest. Even though I'm running at probably 30% of my regular speed, it has been good to get out in the world and to have some time and mental clarity to actually begin processing some of what has happened.

In news of the bizarre... a few days ago, nearly 3 weeks after my first treatment, my hair started falling out like crazy. I'll admit that, even though I was expecting it, it has been unsettling. Going from a thick, fuzzy buzz-cut to thin and mangy over the course of about 48 hours is startling. I've been watching lots of YouTube videos to learn how to wrap a head scarf and maybe it is working out okay? Also, thanks to some awesome people, I know a couple of cute hats are headed my way. Some day soon, I'll rock it bald, but till the hair is all gone, head decor it is.

I'll keep you posted about how things go with treatment and recovery this week. Thanks for thinking of me and sending your prayers and good vibes my way. I can feel the love.

Hugs all around,