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2015 May 11 - T-Boz Roosts Here (Lotsa Update)

Dear ones,

I’ve been meaning to, needing to, write to you for a while - at least a week since my six month check-up with the oncologist - but just haven’t been able to. So, at least here is this: all is clear. Good scan and good bloodwork. Praise be. I’m still tripping my way over a very bumpy path. I still have awesome people to lend a hand. Here’re a few things I saw on my walk with Elgin tonight: a child-bird, still with some of its fluffy baby feathers, hopping and trying to fly; a tree with fresh, bright leaves that grow big and flat so when you stand under it and look up, you find  a sort of ceiling; a bamboo fence that whistles in the wind; a chicken roosting, uncaged, atop a brick fence with a hand-painted wooden sign that says, “T-Boz roosts here,” and; a whole bed of cactus that somehow survived the winter.

Love and light,